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Friday, January 16, 2009

Quick Tip - Getting Resin Out of Molds When It Sticks

When using larger molds such as the ones for belt buckles and paperweights, the resin will often stick and can be difficult to remove from the mold. As these molds are not flexible, you can't pop the resin piece out like you can with the smaller jewelry molds. I had this happen once when making a belt buckle and I almost threw the whole thing away out of frustration. I contacted the resin manufacturer and they gave me a very helpful tip that really works.

Turn the mold upside down so the resin part faces the table. Take a heat gun and move it all over the back and sides of the mold. Pick up the mold and slam it against the surface of the table a couple of times. The resin piece will inch it's way out of the mold. The heat from the heating tool constricts the resin which allows it to slide out of the mold. It really works!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Quick Tip - Polishing Sanded Edges of Resin

One frustration often shared with me by people who make resin jewelry is that once they sand off the rough edges of their pieces, they are left with dull, matte edges.

I have a quick tip I'd like to share with you that I use on all of my resin pieces after I sand them. I submerge the resin piece in water to remove the dust caused by sanding, and then I dry this off with a soft lint-free towel. I place a dot of Diamond Glaze on my index finger and lightly apply it to the sanded edges. Once the Diamond Glaze has dried, you can't tell any difference on where the resin ends and where the Glaze begins.

I would not, however, recommend using Diamond Glaze over the entire resin piece, as it is not as indestructable as resin is. It easily picks up scratches, so the overall beauty of your resin piece may not withstand years of wear and tear. Take it from me - stick with glazing just the edges and you'll come out alright in the long run.
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