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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cool Finds at the Antique Festival

Last weekend, I attended the NWA Antique Festival of the Ozarks with my daughter-in-law and a friend.  Believe it or not, with all of the different festivals I have attended, this is the first time I have ever been to an antique festival- but it certainly won't be my last.

I was pleasantly surprised at some of the wares offered by the vendors.  There was no junk; much of what was being sold was quality items that I usually dig for when I hit the local antique shops in my area.  There were some great deals to be found, as well.  I picked up several items that I will repurpose and use in my projects, namely jewelry, quilts and hankie dolls.

Here's a sampling of some of the goodies which were available for sale:

A vast collection of spice tins.

Jadeite dishes of all kinds.

A mini Fiestaware play set for little girls.

Gorgeous plates from long ago.

German pottery and mini chocolate molds.

Matryoshka dolls galore.

Beautiful Victorian jewelry.

Bakelite jewelry.

More Bakelite jewelry.

A handmade, embroidered mirror cover from 1916.

Brass stampings/jewelry embellishments.

Bakelite dominoes.

Lots of half dolls.

A gorgeous Grandmother's Garden quilt.

A flower seed packet from the 1940's which was used as a promotional item by an insurance company.

I ended up purchasing some of the chocolate molds, broken rhinestone jewelry pieces and brass stampings which will be used in some future jewelry designs (among other things) as shown below.

All in all, I had a great time and I'm happy with all of the little treasures I was able to pick up at the show.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Retro Fabric Gift Tags Tutorial - Easy to Sew!

A couple of months ago, I designed a "Retro Fabric Gift Tag" project for C&T Publications using their product, fast2fuse.  This is a nifty type of interfacing that can be utilized as light support for various fabric projects.  I am entranced by vintage sewing pattern covers, and I really enjoy making projects with these images.  As you can see, I went crazy making the tags.  Since I couldn't decide on just one image to use for my tags, I ended up making eight of them!

Front of tags

Back of tags

These are really simple to sew and easy to embellish.  They can be quilted, embroidered or decorated with pretty trims.  And - they can be whipped up in a flash.  These make nice personalized tags for gifts; they can also be used as bookmarks.


fast2fuse interfacing
June Tailor iron- on transfer fabric sheets (white)
Alphabet rubber stamps
Ink pad (black ink)
Scrap fabric
Embellishments such as lace, ric-rac, trim, crocheted flowers, mini scrapbook items, buttons, etc.
Embroidery floss - 2 - 12 inch pieces (per tag)
Large eye sewing needle
Fabric glue
Wax paper or non-stick pressing sheet


Sewing machine


1.  Select desired images and print them onto the iron-on transfer fabric sheets.  Allow ink to dry for 2 minutes.  Cut out images.  Reserve scraps.

Fabric images matched up to the fabric I wanted to use as the tag base.

2.  Trace or draw tag shapes onto fast2fuse.  Cut out shapes.

I traced around a mailing tag I had on hand - it makes life much easier that way. ;)

3.  Cut out two fabric pieces measuring 1/2" larger than the fast2fuse.

4.  Place wax paper on ironing board; place fast2fuse on top.  Place fabric right side up on top of fast2fuse and press with a hot, dry iron for 5 seconds.  Trim fabric edges even with fast2fuse.
Turn project over.  Place second piece of fabric on top of the fast2fuse.  Press with a hot, dry iron for 5 seconds.

5.  Trim second piece of fabric even with edge of fast2fuse.  To ensure bonding of fabric and fast2fuse, iron each side of the tag for 10 seconds using hot, dry iron.

6.  Set fabric sheet transfer image on top of tag (face-up) and iron with a hot, dry iron for 10-15 seconds.  Rubber stamp desired words onto the reserved scraps of iron-on transfer sheets.  Let ink dry for 5 minutes.  Cut out words.   Apply, as desired, to front and back of tag.  Apply any additional pictures to back of tag using the same process.

Front of tag

Back of tag

7.  Use sewing machine to attach lace or ric-rac to edges of tag.  If desired, satin stitch the edges of tag in lieu of lace or ric-rac.

8.  Use awl to punch hole in top center of tag.  Thread both pieces of embroidery floss onto sewing needle and bring it through the hole.  Tie the floss together at the edges.  Trim loose ends, close to knot.

9.  Apply remaining embellishments to front of tag; attach with fabric glue.  Let dry.

 Here are some additional photos of the fronts of backs of some of the tags I made to help inspire you:

Until next time, happy creating!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mini Felt Matryoshka Dolls and Mom's Hospitalization

The last several months have been pretty worrisome for me.  My mother - who lives in Arizona - has been ill with serious cardiovascular and diabetes-related issues.  I flew out to Arizona to offer support to both of my parents during this difficult time.  My mom ended up having several surgical procedures over the past few weeks, the latest being a leg amputation.  Thankfully, she is in positive spirits and I believe this will help her to recover so she can go back to living a fulfilling and productive life.  And, even though I don't normally plug businesses here on my blog as a regular activity, I've got to say a huge "thank you" to the nurses, doctors and staff at Boswell Hospital in Sun City for being so loving, caring and professional to my mother during her hospitalizations.  I spent upwards of 12 hours each day in the hospital at my mother's bedside and witnessed much love and compassion from the staff there.  I've never experienced anything quite like this in a medical environment before and it was wonderful to see.  I wish I could clone these people - no kidding.

True to form, I had to bring a craft project with me to work on in the hospital.  I always have to have something to do when I sit; it's just a part of who I am.  I ended up bringing a little canvas bag filled with scissors, needles, embroidery floss, felt and a steno pad with me on my trip.  The steno pad came in handy for sketching out patterns and designs.  I ended up making several mini matryoshka dolls out of felt during my stay.  I challenged myself by making each doll unique in color and design.  Each doll measures 4-5" and a stack of unstuffed dolls can easily fit into a sandwich baggie, making them easy to transport.  I stuffed them with fiberfill after I returned home.  Here are some of my little creations:

I will eventually put these up for sale in my Retro Eclectica store on Etsy, possibly over the weekend.
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