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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Life Got in the Way the Past Few Weeks - Updates Galore & GIVEAWAY

Hello and long time no write!  The past few weeks have been one heck of an interesting and busy ride for me.  It's not that anything bad has happened; it's just that I had lots of good things occur seemingly all at once.

The first really big news on a personal level is that my middle child, Anthony, graduated from St. Gregory's University last month.   He was able to achieve this goal in 3 years while working his regular part-time job (to pay for his living expenses) and running his charity for the homeless, Labor of Love Charities.   At the end of last year, I informed you that a gentleman Anthony met had planned to donate a hotel to the charity with the intent that it be turned into a homeless shelter.  To make a long story short, the donation fell through, however, Anthony is in the process of purchasing a 3 story building in downtown Shawnee that will serve as a resource center and place of shelter for the homeless.  Formerly known as the Gasco building - once the oldest funeral home in Oklahoma - this charming building maintains much of it's original art deco decor, flooring and even a chapel.  This shelter will be called the "Philomena House", and if all goes well, it will be open for business at the end of summer.  Please keep your fingers crossed.   Labor of Love Charities now has a Facebook fan page where you can stay abreast of all the latest news with the shelter, the homeless and to view pictures of the Sunday feedings and new shelter.  Hope to "see" you there!     (Pictured below is Tim, one of the regular Sunday visitors to the park, and someone who absolutely tugs on my heartstrings.)

On the "crafty" side of things, the Village Candy Store in  Sewickly, Pennsylvania contacted me to design several candy-themed jewelry pieces they can sell in their store.  Based on my conversations with the owner, Doug and pictures he sent me of his store, this appears to be one fun place to shop.  Not only can you buy candy there, but other candy-themed goodies - pillows, clothing and now, my jewelry.  I think this is going to be one fun adventure and I definitely plan to visit Doug and the Village Candy Store when I make it to Pennsylvania.     

My jewelry designs will be featured in two upcoming books.  The first, tentatively titled "Found Art Jewelry" by Heather Skowood, is expected to be released this fall.  The second, 1000 Steampunk Inspirations by Barbe Saint John, will be released in the Spring of 2011.

I have a few other things up my sleeve which I'll share with you soon.  :)

In the meantime, how about we celebrate all of this good news with a "sweet" giveaway?    All you have to do is leave a comment under this post and please make sure I have a way to contact you through your blog or an email address.  A winner will be selected at random on Saturday, June 5.    The winner will receive a pair of my handmade polymer clay chocolate bar earrings!  Good luck, everyone!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Labor of Love Charities - Sunday in the Park

I've been telling you about my son Anthony and his non-profit organization, Labor of Love Charities (LOL). It's an organization he started for the homeless in Shawnee, Oklahoma 11 months ago. I am simply amazed at the progress this organization has made in such a short time.

Last weekend was supposed to be LOL's first annual charity dinner, dance and auction fundraiser. My other two children (Joey and Brianna) and I made the 3 hour drive to Shawnee to attend, but unfortunately, it was rescheduled due to some crazy winter weather they were having there. Oklahoma ended up getting 10 inches of snow, ice build up on the roads and thousands of homes and businesses lost their power.

Anyway, the dinner was the only thing that the charity canceled. Every Sunday at 2:00 p.m., Anthony and his volunteers feed the homeless at one of the local parks. This Sunday was no exception. Like the postman, people can count on being fed when Anthony is around no matter what the weather is like.

Sunday's lunch - albeit a simple one of macaroni and cheese, buttered corn, hot dogs and buns, hot cocoa, bottled water and slats of pastries donated by the local Starbucks - served as the meal on this very cold day.

When we arrived at the park, several homeless people were there waiting for us. Meals were served up in big styrofoam containers. There was plenty of food for everyone; those who wanted seconds were able to take extra food with them. I was amazed to find out from our homeless friends that several of the places where they go for food weren't serving meals on that freezing cold day due to the winter weather. Anthony told me that's a common occurrence - many organizations will only serve the homeless when the weather is nice. Anyway, one of the homeless said, "We KNEW you'd be here, Anthony." And because of that, they trudged to the park in ankle deep snow to get what proved to be their only meal for the day.

Labor of Love Facebook Fan Page:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hot Dogs Lead to Fulfillment of Dream - The Shawnee News-Star

My son, Anthony's organization for the homeless is growing by leaps and bounds. Here's the latest newspaper article on the charity which hits newsstands this morning. Enjoy!

Hot dogs lead to fulfillment of dream - Shawnee, OK - The Shawnee News-Star

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Labor of Love Charities - "Homeless, Not Hopeless"

I'm a firm believer in the fact that when things are meant to happen, they will. Sometimes it will happen so quickly it can make your head spin. For me, it's always meant that this is God's will. A good example of this recently occurred with my son, Anthony. He has always had a love for helping the homeless. Earlier this year, I blogged about the experience we shared in volunteering for "Hot Dogs for the Homeless" in downtown Oklahoma city. This small act of love has exploded into something wonderful which will benefit so many of the less fortunate in the months and years to come.

In a nutshell, Anthony decided to start helping the homeless in Shawnee, Oklahoma, where he currently attends college. He makes lunch for the homeless each Sunday and delivers it to them in the streets where they reside and started a non-profit organization called "Labor of Love Charities." He decided to take this a step further by checking out buildings for rent with the intent that he would turn this into a homeless shelter/resource center. One building of interest - a 1901 two-story hotel - was available for rent. Anthony contacted the owner of the hotel and told him of his plans for the building. The owner of the building happens to be a doctor in the area who also has a love for helping others. He decided to DONATE the building to Anthony's charity. In addition, the doctor and his wife (who is a nurse) have graciously offered to provide FREE medical care to the homeless who seek assistance through the Labor of Love Charities. They will be working hand-in-hand with Anthony in making this dream come true.

The doctor, a gentleman named Keith, is also quite the publicity man. He contacted the television show "Extreme Home Makeover" to see if they would possibly be interested in renovating this hotel/future shelter. The television show has since requested a video of the hotel. Please keep your fingers crossed! If the show decides to take on the task of renovating this hotel/shelter, it will mean that more of the charity's resources can be used to assist the homeless. I'll keep you posted!

The Shawnee News-Star wrote an article about Anthony's efforts which they have featured in both their online and print newspaper editions. Please feel free to check it out if you get a chance.

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