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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Repurposed Domino Doll Swap Creation

Most of the swaps I participate in are with members of my various FLICKR groups.  (I have met some of the most awesome people on FLICKR over the past several years.  No matter what your interests are, you WILL find it on FLICKR.  Seriously.)  Anyway, the Altered Dominoes and Other Game Pieces group held a domino doll swap with the theme of "Rebirth."  Here is my creation which I swapped to Cindy:

The domino isn't the only recycled part of this little doll.  The wings are from a cake decoration I've saved for the past couple of years that I thought would make perfect doll wings.  I think they suit this little doll perfectly.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Itty Bitty Book Swaps - You Can't Stop At Just One

I've been actively involved on Flickr since early 2007. I initially thought I'd be sharing photos of my designs with other people who have similar interests, but it turned out to be so much more than I'd ever anticipated. I have made many new friends on the site; in addition, I have discovered the "Itty Bitty Book Swaps" through FLICKR and boy, am I hooked.

Basically, the swap is limited to 25 or 30 people. A theme is decided, and participants contribute one small page (front and back) for each book. Some participants opted to make all 30 pages from scratch; others, like me, made one original copy of the page, photocopied it, then decorated it with embellishments, glitter and anything else to accentuate the designs. On my page, I used tulle and glitter glue for the dress, and added a little acrylic star to the sky.

After the pages are completed, they are sent to the swap hostess, who binds each book, then mails one to each participant. The book pages are small in size but the books themselves end up being really chunky because of all of the embellishments added to the pages.

I joined the group when it hosted it's second swap, "Vintage Prom Dress." I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my book which which should be here any day now. I have also signed up for 3 more swaps through the group - "Sweet Marie" (which is Marie Antoinette/French-themed); "Halloween" and "Vintage Christmas".

I invite you to come check out the group and participate in one (or more) of the swaps if you dare. But - consider yourself warned - this is EXTREMELY addicting. :)
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