Sunday, January 15, 2017

Pebeo Fantasy Paint Jewelry

Pebeo Catholic Jewelry by Wanda Maria Designs.

I recently became addicted to Pebeo's fantasy paint, particularly the Prisme version.  I "discovered" it in the clearance section of my local Hobby Lobby store.  After pouring through the pamphlets in the area regarding this paint, I was amazed that I did not know about this magical paint before.  How is that possible?  I'm not sure what the situation was concerning the paint, however, on the Facebook Pebeo group page which I belong to, someone mentioned that Hobby Lobby was clearing it out because of lack of interest/ineffective marketing.  I'm not sure how true that is, that's just what I found out through the online rumor mill.  Since my initial discovery and purchase of this paint, I have purchased several additional bottles online and from a local art store in my area.

I have been experimenting with applying different color combinations of this paint on different materials, such as on metal, glass, wood, stone and other things.  One thing is certain - regardless of which colors I use - the designs and patterns which form within the paint as it dries are simply beautiful and interesting.  I added a coat of resin over the top of the paint on the jewelry pieces in order to better preserve them during wear.

Below are some of the jewelry items I have made using cross bezels I had on hand; the images were borrowed from my Instagram page:

Pebeo Catholic Jewelry by Wanda Maria Designs

Pebeo Catholic Jewelry by Wanda Maria Designs

Pebeo Catholic Jewelry by Wanda Maria Designs

There are additional pieces I have made which I have yet to make into completed jewelry designs.  I hope to share more photographs here as I complete those pieces, as well as other new designs.  Be sure to check back here for upcoming posts on my latest polymer clay jewelry pieces and how to market/package jewelry pieces on a budget.

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