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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Jewelry Made from Coloring Books Tutorial - Part 3 - Boho Floral Earrings

On my last two blog posts, I shared jewelry tutorials with you of a necklace and charm bracelet that I made using adult coloring books as focal points of the designs.  These were made based on a challenge I participated in which was sponsored by C&T Publishing featuring one of their coloring books. 

This post features a tutorial on how to make Boho Floral Earrings.  What I love about these earrings is they are bright, cheery and fun; they are also very lightweight and won't weight down the ears.


Supplies needed:

2 - round wooden disc blanks, 1" inch in diameter.
1 - Adult coloring book page.  I used Modern Elegance.
5 - Sharpie markers in complementary colors (I used yellow, orange, light orange, light pink and dark pink/fuschia.)
1 - pink acrylic paint (I used Apple Barrel Pink Eraser)
6 - 8mm pink crystal beads
8 - 6mm orange crystal beads
6 - silver seed beads
28 - filigree-style, silver-colored beads caps to fit the beads (optional)
6 - 2" inch long, silver-colored head pins
8 - 6mm silver colored jump rings
2 - silver-colored ear wire components

White glue
Diamond Glaze by Judikins
Water-based varnish  (optional - please see #4 for information.)

Tools needed:
Basic jewelry tools - chain nose pliers, rosary pliers, wire cutters
1" inch round hole punch


1. Paint one side of the wooden discs with pink paint.  Set aside to dry.  Repeat.

2. Color the coloring book page with Sharpies.

 3. Using the round hole punch, punch out 2 circles from the colored page, ensuring that interesting (and matching) images are captured with the range of the punch.

4. Use finger to apply a light layer of glue over the unpainted side of the wooden disc blanks.  Carefully place the coloring book piece over the top of the blanks, smoothing it out with your finger and removing any wrinkles and/or air bubbles.  Set pieces aside and let them dry.  Once they are dry, use your finger to apply a thin coating of Diamond Glaze over the tops of each piece.  The key is to use a very light touch here, so as not to smear your images.  If desired, once dried, the discs can be left as is, however, I noticed that items sealed with Diamond Glaze can be somewhat tacky.  To alleviate this, I add a coat of water-based varnish over the top.  This takes away the tackiness of the Diamond Glaze.  I do not recommend using the varnish without the Diamond Glaze, though, as it may "lift" the color off of your pendant.  The Diamond Glaze is used as a protectant.  When applied lightly, it will help to prevent the coloring from smearing or lifting off of the page.


5. Use drill to drill one hole near the top of each disc, and 3 holes along the bottom of each disc, ensuring the the enter hole of the bottom is evenly aligned with the hole at the top of the disc.

6. Thread 4 headpins with a silver seed bead, bead cap, one orange bead, bead cap, bead cap, one pink bead and bead cap.  Thread the remaining 2 headpins with a silver seed bead, bead cap, orange bead, bead cap, bead cap, pink bead, bead cap, bead cap, orange bead and bead cap.  See photo for placement.

7. Wire-wrap each beaded headpin into a loop and clip off excess wire.  Attach to wooden discs with jump rings.  Attach ear wires with jump rings, as shown.

 And there you have it!  Your beautiful new earrings!

Here is another version of these earrings.  (I couldn't stop at just one pair...):

They perfectly complement the cross necklace I made to go with them:

Here are some other designs I made using adult coloring book pages as my inspiration:

Adult coloring book Boho Cross Earrings

Adult Coloring book Boho mini wall cross
I hope I have offered you a little inspiration over the last several blog posts on using adult coloring books in your jewelry (and home decor) designs.  If you decide to make your own designs using this technique, please share pics of your creations with me.  I'd love to see them - and share them with other readers here on my blog.  As always - have a creative day!  See you next blog post!


Jennifer's Vintage Paperie said...

What a great idea! I love your colorful pieces.

Wanda Maria Designs said...

Thank you, Jennifer! :)

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