Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Jewelry Made from Coloring Books Tutorial - Part Two - Boho Floral Charm Bracelet

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a tutorial on how to make a Boho Floral Necklace using an adult coloring book image as the focal point of the necklace.  This was made based on a challenge I participated in which was sponsored by C&T Publishing featuring one of their coloring books.

The only problem (if you could call it that) that I had was limiting myself to making just one piece of jewelry.  I ended up making several, and decided to share tutorials for each on my blog.  This particular tutorial is for the Boho Floral Charm Bracelet.  I love this piece - it is bright and cheery and screams summer.  Plus, it is lightweight in design, which is an added plus.  Now, without further adieu, here is the tutorial:


Supplies needed:

6 - round wooden disc blanks, 1" inch in diameter. (I used Blank Slate pre-drilled wooden discs that I found at Hobby Lobby, but you can always purchase plain wooden discs and drill your own holes in them.)
1 - Adult coloring book page.  I used Modern Elegance.
5 - Sharpie markers in complementary colors (I used yellow, orange, light orange, light pink and dark pink/fuschia.)
1 - pink acrylic paint (I used Apple Barrel Pink Eraser)
1 - orange acrylic paint (I used Apple Barrel Tropic Orange)

8 inches - rhodium larger link jewelry chain
additional chain - as needed - to elongate the bracelet length
10 inches - Sari silk ribbon/silk ribbon in shades of orange and/or pink
10 - glass beads, crystal and/or pearls in shades of orange and pink
10 - silver-colored bead caps, or more, if desired (optional)
10 - silver-colored seed beeds
10 - 2" inch long, silver-colored head pins
1 - Lobster clasp
several jump rings - silver-colored

White glue
Super glue (optional)
Diamond Glaze by Judikins
Water-based varnish  (optional - please see #4 for information.)

Tools needed:

Drill (only if plain, undrilled wooden discs are used)
Basic jewelry tools - chain nose pliers, rosary pliers, wire cutters
1" inch round hole punch


1. Paint one side of three of the wooden discs with pink paint.  Paint the remaining three discs with orange paint.  Set aside to dry.  Repeat.

2. Color the coloring book page with Sharpies.

3. Using the round hole punch, punch out 6 circles from the colored page, ensuring that interesting images are captured with the range of the punch.

4. Use finger to apply a light layer of glue over the unpainted side of the wooden disc blanks.  Carefully place the coloring book piece over the top of the blanks, smoothing it out with your finger and removing any wrinkles and/or air bubbles.  Set pieces aside and let them dry.  Once they are dry, use your finger to apply a thin coating of Diamond Glaze over the tops of each piece.  The key is to use a very light touch here, so as not to smear your images.  If desired, once dried, the discs can be left as is, however, I noticed that items sealed with Diamond Glaze can be somewhat tacky.  To alleviate this, I add a coat of water-based varnish over the top.  This takes away the tackiness of the Diamond Glaze.  I do not recommend using the varnish without the Diamond Glaze, though, as it may "lift" the color off of your pendant.  The Diamond Glaze is used as a protectant.  When applied lightly, it will help to prevent the coloring from smearing or lifting off of the page.

5. Lace the ribbon through the rhodium chain and cut, leaving approximately 1 1/2" inches extra on each end.  Tie each end into a knot.  To ensure the knots stay secure, dab a dot of super glue on them (optional.)  Trim excess ribbon.


6. Use jump rings to attach wooden discs to chain, ensuring that they are evenly spaced apart, and that they alternate between the pink and orange colors on the back.

Front of bracelet.

Layout for back of bracelet.

7.  Thread headpins with a silver seed bead, one pink or orange bead and bead caps. Wire-wrap each headpin into a loop and clip off excess wire.  Lay out the beads in an alternating pink and orange bead dangles.  Attach 5 of these to the chain, spacing them evenly between the discs.  Please refer to photo for placement. 

8. At this point, measure the length of the bracelet chain. It will be shorter than the 8 inches you started out with due to being threaded with ribbon.  Add additional lengths of chain, as desired, to both ends of the ribboned chain in order to make it the desired bracelet length.  Add  remaining beads to the outer edges of the discs.  Add a lobster clasp onto one side of the bracelet length, and one single bead to the other end of the bracelet length.  

 Ta-Da!  Your beautiful bracelet is done!!!

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