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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thanksgiving Bracelets

I've been a busy little beaver lately between going to school full-time, working and creating new designs.  Creating new designs has to be my favorite thing to do, though.  I can work on projects for 12 hours a day and it never feels like work to me.  Now - if I can only do it full-time for a living, that would be GREAT!  :)

In any case, here are some Thanksgiving bracelets I made for this season.  They feature wooden pieces which were decoupaged with vintage Thanksgiving images on one side, and painted on the other.  Beads which complement the painted sides surround the portrait charms.  The best part about these bracelets is that they are very lightweight and don't weigh down the arm.

Bracelet with red and orange beads.

Back of bracelet portrait charms.  Definitely not boring.

Detail pic.

Thanksgiving bracelet with green and brown color theme.

Detail pic.

Image of the back of the portrait charms.  They perfectly complement the beads.

In any case, if you want to see all of the new Thanksgiving bracelets I made for this season, you can check them out on my EBay or Etsy pages.

Also - if you've been following my craft room remodel project - I'm happy to tell you there will be more pics to come shortly.  The room is just about done. Thank goodness!  Stay tuned....

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