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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Craft Room Remodel Begins

If you are one of my contacts on Facebook, you know by now that I am in the process of remodeling my craft room.  It's long overdue, let me tell you.  My craft room is a converted one car garage, so it is fairly long and narrow.  A few years ago, my husband added cabinets and counter space to two sides of my room, in addition to making some handmade book shelves to accommodate books and craft supplies.  Like any good crafter/sewer who accumulates lots of fabric and supplies - I have outgrown my space and I need something more functional.  And, this picture of a remodeled craft room I found on Pinterest really inspired me.

I love the bright and cheery look of the red and aqua colors, and have decided to model the colors of my room after this.  The walls will be painted aqua.  The old carpeting will be pulled up, discarded and replaced with a red epoxy floor for easier maintenance.  I will be making handmade curtains (and even counter curtains to hide unsightly stored stuff) in these beautiful fabrics courtesy of Michael Miller fabric:

In short, the whole room will be rearranged.  The cabinets and one set of counter tops will be moved to the opposite facing wall for insulation purposes.  The doorway entrance will be moved to the end of the room to give me more wall space (courtesy of my talented handyman husband, Michael. :)  )  In addition, a short dividing wall will be built near the entrance way.  This wall will be multipurpose as it will contain another counter top and additional storage space.

In addition, I found this nifty idea from The Polka Dot Closet's blog on using slat walls for extra storage, so we're installing these, too.  How flipping cool is this?

Last, you can see what I am dealing with, here are some "before" pics of my craft room.  Yes, it's embarrassing, but not for long!!!  

Stay with me as I provide updates as to the craft room remodel and turn my frog of a craft room into a handsome prince. :)


Joji said...

All I can say is WOW and I will be watching the transformation.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Aren't you sweet for showing my slat wall....I love it, and I switch it around all the time. Did you see where I got the baskets and hooks, from Barr Display, they are really inexpensive! You are so lucky to have such a good size craft room. When I did my room and took everything out to start reorganizing, I thought...What have I done. I thought I would never finish, but oh it is so worth it. You want to know the crazy thing, I knew where everything was when my craft room was a mess...Now I am having a little trouble finding everything! Holler if you have any trouble ordering baskets for your slat wall


Cheryl said...

Dang girl... you've got STUFF!! I love-love-love the color choice you've made. I too need to redo my studio. Its a total mess....

Wanda Maria Designs said...

Thanks, everyone! Carol - I so appreciate the info. on Barr Display. I've been on their site and will be ordering from them. I think that I might paint my slats red to complement the room. And - I totally know what you mean about being able to find things easier when they are a mess. (I'm glad I'm not alone!) :)

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