Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Off to Italy & Art Abandonment

Well, today's the day!  After two years of planning and saving, we are on our way to Italy this morning!  I will be going there with my daughter, Brianna, and my son, Anthony.  Excitement doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this trip.  We will be staying overnight in 8 cities and also have day trips planned along the way.  Let's not forget time at the beach - actually being able to swim in the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Seas.  How cool is that?

While we are away, I will be abandoning little pieces of handmade art jewelry in random places along the way, with a message to the finder that if they adopt this piece of art and feel inclined to do so, they can email me to let me know where they are from and how they felt about finding abandoned art.  Incidentally, I belong to a Facebook group called "Art Abandonment" that was started by artist Michael DeMeng.  The whole concept of the group is for artists and crafters to randomly abandon their handmade art in the most unexpected of places.  When the finders of the art contact the artist/crafter, the message is shared with the group.   I will be bringing 12 pieces of jewelry to abandon.  Here's a little sample of what I will be leaving through out Italy:

I will share details of the trip and any responses I receive from the abandoned art project upon my return.  Until later..."Arrivederce".


Thespoena McLaughlin said...

good luck girl! Have fun! and I can't wait to see pics of your adventure!

jamesmitges said...

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Gaby Bee said...

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