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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Industrial Chic Blog Hop

I'm thrilled to tell you I am participating in the in Susan Lenart Kazmer's Industrial Chic Blog Hop event set for July!

A couple of days ago, I received my box of Industrial Chic goodies to include into my creations.  Here they are:

Stay tuned to see what designs I have created with this little treasure trove of goodies!

The July blog hop runs from July 6th to July 14th.  Be sure to stop by and visit the other artists blog sites and check out their designs:

July 6th - Ken Oliver  http://vertigographic.com/TurnHeads/projects-and-blog/

July 7th - Vicki O'Dell  http://www.vickiodell.com/

July 8th - Cindy Cima Edwards  http://www.cindycima.com/

July 9th - Elena Lai Etcheverry  http://thetravelingprincess.blogspot.com/

July 10th - Jen Osborn  http://www.themessynest.com/

July 11th - ME!  (Wanda Eash)

July 12th - Terri O  http://www.supersimplewithterrio.com/

July 13th - Susan Weckesser  http://mysweetearth.blogspot.com/

July 14th - Tracy Weinzapfel  http://www.tracywburgos.typepad.com/

The fun continues in August with ANOTHER Blog Hop for Industrial Chic.  Here are the artists participating in the August Blog Hop:

August 10th -  Barbe St. John   http://barbesaintjohn.blogspot.com/

August 11th -  Cheryl Bodkins Waters   http://blog.artsyfindings.com/

August 12th -  Cindi Bisson   http://fatcatcreations.blogspot.com/

August 13th -  Gretchen McHale  http://readingartworks.com/beta/?page_id=964

August 14th -  Jenny Barnet Rohrs  http://www.crafttestdummies.com/

August 15th -  Kari McKnight  http://backporchartessa.blogspot.com/

August 16th -  Lindsay Obermeyer  http://loops.typepad.com/

August 17th -  Seth Apter  http://thealteredpage.blogspot.com/

August 18th-   Suze Weinberg  http://suzeweinberg.typepad.com/

August 19th -  Tami Bayer  http://www.tamibayer.com/

August 20th -  Theresa Cifali  http://theresacifali.com/

August 21st -  Tracie Stivers Lampe  http://www.radicalrecycks.com/BlogRetrieve.aspx?BlogID=7528

August 22nd -  Traci Bautista  http://kollaj.typepad.com/

August 23rd -  Jen Crossley  http://amarkintime.blogspot.com/

August 24th -   Eileen Hull  http://www.eileenhull.blogspot.com/

August 25th -   Pam Carriker  http://pamcarriker.com/blog/

August 26th -  Sandy Martin  http://sweetpeajewelry1.blogspot.com/

See you in a few days with my designs!  :)

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