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Monday, October 3, 2011

Apple Upside Down Cake Recipe

This weekend, my daughter and I found apples on sale for $1.00 a pound at the local grocery store. I couldn't resist; I ended up buying a bag of these little beauties. Now that we finally are experiencing our beautiful autumn weather, I've been itching to make something with apples. There's nothing quite like the scent of baked apple desserts wafting through the entire house. It's the perfect complement to a chilly autumn day.

This recipe - which is a breeze to make - uses a packaged cake mix that is doctored to taste homemade. My family loved this. And, don't forget to serve it with vanilla ice cream for a really yummy treat.

Apple Upside Down Cake Recipe


6 apples, peeled, cored and sliced into wedges. (I used a combination of 3 Granny Smith apples and 3 McIntosh apples.)
1 stick butter, salted
1 cup brown sugar, packed
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 box yellow cake mix
1 small package vanilla pudding mix (3.4 ounces)
3 eggs
1 stick butter, softened
1 cup water


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a large pan, melt one stick of butter with the brown sugar. Once it is melted, stir in the vanilla extract and apple slices. Cook over medium heat until apples have softened and released their juices (about 15 minutes) stirring occasionally.

While the apple mixture is cooking, begin working on the cake base. In a large bowl, combine all of the cake ingredients. Mix with blender for 2 minutes. The batter will be thick in consistency.

Pour apple mixture into a 13 x 9 inch pan.  Spread the mixture evenly so it covers the entire bottom of the pan.   Spoon the cake batter over the top of the apples.  As the batter is quite thick, it may be necessary to use a spatula to bring the batter to the edges of the pan. 

Bake in the oven for approximately 40 minutes or until knife inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean.  Take the cake out of oven and let it sit for about 10 minutes before serving.  Enjoy!

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Holly Loves Art said...

Oh wow so pretty looking and I'm sure very, very yummy! I wish I was a baker. I have never gotten into it although I will say that I am a great cook! I watched Martha Stewart this morning and they had an apple pie recipe on her show too. Maybe one day I will get the bug to bake! Thanks for sharing.

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