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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Adjustable Photo Art Domino Bracelet Project

One of the things I find really fun to create with are wooden dominoes.  These little game pieces have loads of possibilities. They make great jewelry pieces because they are so lightweight.  And best of all, you can really personalize these by using family pictures to embellish them.

7 Images
White craft glue (I use Crafter's Ultimate)
Flat (non-embossed) wooden dominoes (7 per bracelet)
Waterproof brush-on sealer
Acrylic paint
Gold leafing pen
9 MM jump rings - 16
6-7 MM jump rings - 6
Decorative chain - 4 - 5 inches, cut into 4 equally-sized sections
Lobster clasp
Basic jewelry tools (pliers)


Paint the sides and back of domino with at least 2 coats of acrylic paint.  Let dry.  Add extra designs with acrylic paint, if desired.  I made little polka dots on mine by dipping the wrong end of the paintbrush into the paint and applying it to the domino.

Trace domino onto each image with pencil.  Cut out with scissors.

On a piece of wax paper or newspaper, squeeze out a quarter-sized circle of glue.  Dip finger into glue; spread glue over domino; apply image, taking care to press out any bubbles that may form under the image.  Let dry.

Apply brush-on sealer to front and sides of each piece.  Let dry.  Take the leafing pen and carefully outline a border around the edges of the image.  Let dry; apply 2 more coats of sealer.  (NOTE:  It's really important that you apply at least one coat of the sealer to your image before applying the leafing pen, as the ink from the pen can "bleed" into the image and ruin your design.)  Apply 2 coats of sealer to the back of the dominoes; let dry between coats.

Drill a total of 4 holes into each domino, lengthwise, making sure the holes are evenly spaced on each piece.  (Please see photos for reference.)  Brush off any sawdust.

Use the pliers and 9 MM jump rings to link the dominoes together.  After all 7 of the dominoes have been linked together, add 9 MM jump rings and chains to each end.  Use one 6 MM jump ring to connect the chain ends on each side of the bracelet.  Add an additional 6 MM jump ring and lobster clasp on one side of the bracelet.  Add 2 more 6 MM jump rings to the other end of the bracelet.  Wa-la - your little masterpiece is complete!

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KeLLy aNN said...

That's really cool. I've been wanting to do something similar and its nice to have a reference!

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