Wednesday, June 17, 2009

EBay Negative Feedback Horror Stories

It's no secret that many EBay sellers are frustrated with the changes EBay made to it's feedback system about a year ago. Sellers can no longer leave negative feedback for the buyers, so the ball is definitely in the buyer's court. Unfortunately, this has resulted in inaccurate and unfair negative feedback being left for sellers by some unscrupulous buyers or inexperienced new EBayers out there.

For the most part, I've been pretty fortunate with my feedback situation. I've had my share of difficult customers like everyone else, but, for the most part, those have been a rarity. Until this past month. I don't know if people are extra cranky from the heat, the economy or if there's been a continuous full moon out there, but WOW, I've been slammed with 4 negative complaints in a 30 day period. That's more than I've EVER had in ALL of the years I've been on EBay.

I wrote an EBay guide on my latest feedback experiences entitled, "EBay Feedback Horror Stories". Please be sure to check it out - and vote "yes" for it, if you would like to. Also, feel free to share your comments with me here on my blog. As always, I enjoy hearing from you!


Anonymous said...

I feel for you. I am in the same boat and it's just so aggravating. One thing you forgot to mention was the new DSR system, but I can see that you have been lucky in that arena so far. I have been hit hard on my shipping time score because, let's face it, people want their items YESTERDAY. It amazes me how postage usually costs $1.58 for my packages and I charge $1.75, yet my shipping charge score is a 4.7. I do not charge extra shipping for additional items so sometimes I am paying out of my own pocket. Plus, there's the envelope and bubble wrap, etc. But people don't care. They want their items cheap and NOW and if you don't do what they want..... NEGATIVES and 3 stars. Fun.

Anonymous said...

I also forgot to mention that it seems to be an Ebay thing. I started selling on Amazon and it seems like there are nicer shoppers on there. There is just something about Ebay that makes people rude and hard to deal with!

Wanda Maria Designs said...


I totally understand what you are saying about the DSR system. I converted all of my jewelry listings to "free" shipping based on EBay's promise that it would raise our search standing and increase our sales. I fell for it hook, line and sinker. It didn't do a thing for my DSR ratings which have actually dropped since I changed everything to "free" shipping. People don't seem to understand that "free" warrants a 5 star rating. The only ones who benefit from this is EBay. I raised prices to accommodate the "free" shipping, and EBay gets a chunk of that, too. At least before, I didn't get charged fees on my shipping costs. If the DSR situation doesn't improve, I may revert back to my former way of doing things.

THE-eXchanger said...

it all sucks !!!

i have 100% feedback

and, i am restricted from listing new auctions

competitors buy products
then sink your rating...
and, ebay isn't listening either

it all sucks !!!

Hope said...

I feel your pain. My husband abd I buy stuff at local boot sales, etc and re-sell to feed my art supply fetish. I recently sold a Snopy pencil-bag (vintage) to a lady in the Netherlands. I described it just as it was, with a few cuts, etc. It sold for 99pence, and when she got it, she started complaining that it was not as described. We went round and round...she wanted her money abck immediately. I explained that I would not refund her without having the item in my possession as per Ebay rules. She called me rude and said I was talking down to her. She aslo said I was unresponsive, but for some reason my emails (thru ebay) were not getting to her. She filed a SNAD only because I refused to budge unless she did, I got the bag back, and refunded her £2.57. WE didn't leave any feedback for each other.

In the end, I believe she just did not understand English very well and seriously did not understand how Ebay works.

It is a shame that your selling future can lie in the hands of folks like this. Ebay sides with the buyer every time, and I just do not understand why.

WE have 100% feedback as sellers but our star rating does not reflect that...and the lesser rating is on shipping. Strange. We only charge exact shipping costs as we use recycled enevelopes, etc, and we always ship out the same day if possible..or the next business day.

Anonymous said...

The major problem with eBay is they will not allow you to eliminate what likely would be buyers giving negative feedback unless you list them by name.

Some buyers are evil. So far my only negative feedback is from a buyer that complain so I provided a full refund including shipping and the buyer kept the merchandice. Nevertheless, the buyer left negative feedback.

I am conversing with another buyer. The buyer is damanding a full refund or will leave negative feedback and claims he threw the items in the garbage. We need to create a list of these buyers so we can add them to our "Do not sell" list.

Here are two:
birdofprey12 (What an approprate name for a buyer that preys on sellers with good ratings. This is the buyer that received both the merchandice and a complete refund. Then gave a negative rating.

lotusofasia Claims he threw the merchandice away and demands a full refund or will give a negative rating.

succulentseed said...

I have just celebrated my 3rd anniversary on E-bay! I have only been a buyer and not a seller at this point. My feedback score is over 1,400. I very rarely leave negative feedback. But just recently I bought items from a seller, the auction ended but they had items I was interested that would end 3 days in a later auction. I contacted the seller asking if they would give discounts on combined shipping. Seller got back to me and said "I've already invoiced you for those items, but goodluck with the others". I bid on additional items, won, then was invoiced twice, no shipping discount. I got back in touch with the seller saying that I was dissapointed being charged double and that would be reflected in the feedback. Seller got back to me and said they were cancelling the order and giving refund. I told them to ship my items or face negative feedback for sure. That seller totally ignored my request, waisted my time, and was plain rude. Needless to say negative feedback was launched!!! This seller went from 100% to 98.2 in about 90 seconds! Absolutely no desire to want to work with me. I don't understand that. You should have seen some of the junk in those messages that followed. Just plain crazy. Why would a seller provoke negative feedback when they have a perfect score???

Me said...

So basically succulentseed, you left negative feedback because the seller wouldn't do what you wanted. Most sellers who combine shipping state that they do in the listing. Many don't, for whatever reason, but it is their listing and if they are up front about it, there is no reason to complain and expect a seller who does things a certain way to bend over for you simply because you have the power to ruin their Ebay image. "This seller went from 100% to 98.2 in about 90 seconds!"... you seem happy about that. So you went and took a seller, who obviously made every one of their other customers happy, and dinged them because they didn't want to combine shipping and were "rude" for saying they didn't want to. They probably wanted to cancel the transaction because they could see you were going to cause them problems and obviously their feedback means more to them than that one sale. And I don't blame them for feeling that way.

Ebay buyers need to read before they buy and ask questions BEFORE they buy and not expect the seller to cater to them out of fear of a ruined reputation.

Would you buy something on the Walmart website and then buy something 3 days later and expect them to combine everything? But somehow Ebay sellers are supposed to be different. Somehow our business is supposed to run differently than most other businesses AND we have to compete by selling our items cheaper than what you would find at those other stores. The whole thing stinks.

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