Friday, February 6, 2009

Conversation Heart Resin Belt Buckle

Just in time for Valentine's Day, this funky and fun belt buckle features real Conversation Heart candies. It is made from resin so it is durable and will last for many years to come. It is available for purchase on Etsy and EBay. This is definitely one of my favorite creations to date.


panhandler said...

This is the cutest thing ever!!!

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

augh!!!! I am too slow:( Will you be making more of these??? I have an exstensive buckel collection and this one would be perfect to add to it:)
Wonderful and yes cute as ever!!


Laurie said...

Thank you for your nice comments on my blog/OWOH giveaway! I read your sidebar about being suspended from eBay and I had to commiserate - I had two strikes myself and was worrying about them taking down my store. Later, I decided it wasn't worth it and now I don't have a store anymore but do still sell. I wrote a blog post about it a few weeks ago...anyhoo, thanks again for visiting and come back anytime!

Oops! Desperate Blogger~ said...

I received my resin ring today! Thank you SO much! It is truly beautiful. (Wearing it as I type) Feel very fortunate to have won this during OWOH!
Pleasure to meet you and thanks again!

Unknown said...

This is awesome! I'm glad you had a wonderful Valentines. I love what your son does for the homeless. I'm really glad you guys are ok after the ice storm!


HereBeDragons said...

Pretty sure my roomie would wear this and love it!

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