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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Ornament Swap Partners

Ho, ho, ho! Swap partners have been assigned for the ornament swap. The swap groups are as follows:

1. Donna Bell
Crosses by Claudia
Not Yet the Dodo

Nathalie Julien
Penguins Plunder

3. Susan Hickam
Leslie (Junk Girl Studio)
Lisa Kettell

4. Jan Williams
Melissa Ustik
Wanda Eash

Please make sure you send one handmade ornament to each of your partners by 12/5/08. And don't forget to post your swap creations and trades on our FLICKR site:

I will be in touch with everyone today to provide you with your partners' mailing addresses.

Happy creating!!!


Geek Chic Dreams said...

I'm excited!!! *runs off to start working*

stephiblu said...

i got a CUTE penguin from penguinsplunder and unfortunately nothing from Nathalie Julien--wondering what happened. hope all is well!

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