Monday, October 13, 2008

Wine and Sausage Galore in Hermann

When my parents were in town a couple of weeks ago, one of the places we took them to was Hermann, Missouri. This sleepy little German town comes alive when it hosts big events, such as the Beer and Bratwurst Fest which occurred the weekend we visited.

There are several wineries located in town where you can wine taste until your heart's content. It's not uncommon to see large, juicy grapes dangling from the vineyards around town. I'm not really a wine lover, but you don't have to be to have a good time in this town. The downtown area hosts several shops full of gift items and antiques, in addition to the German School Museum. And, if you are a sausage lover, you'll feel right at home here.

One of my favorite sausage shops to visit is the Swiss Meat and Sausage Company. When you walk into the building, the smell of delicious meat envelopes you. It is reminiscent of the Polish butcher shops in Chicago we used to frequent when I was a little girl. Ah, the memories.... Anyway, this company makes 48 different kinds of sausage. There is something for everyone, even equipment and supplies (such as casings) for people who want to attempt to make their own sausage. We stocked up on all different flavors of sausage. Luckily, the shop also sells bags of ice and Styrofoam coolers for tourists like us. We traveled home with three coolers full of meat. (Check out the photo on the right of my mom and daughter with their shopping carts. )

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