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Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Swaps for November and December!

You asked for it - you got it. Two more swaps to finish up 2008. Whoo hoo!

SWAP #1:

The first swap will be Thanksgiving themed inchies. (If you haven't made inchies before, please check out the tutorial for them shown just below this post.) Think: turkeys, harvest, autumn, oranges, reds, and yellows, pilgrims, indians, things you are thankful for, etc. when decorating your inchies.

Make 20 inchies, get 20 in return.
Sign up deadline is November 3. Sign up by leaving a comment on this post or on the Two Crafty Mules Altered Swap Gallery.
Inchies must be received by me, Wanda, no later than 11/14/08, so I can swap them out and have them to everyone before Thanksgiving.
Important: Please make sure I can contact you through your blog, FLICKRmail or email address. I will need to give you my mailing address so you can mail your completed inchies to me.

SWAP #2:

The second swap will be a handmade Christmas ornament exchange. It doesn't matter what type of ornament you use, as long as it is handmade or significantly altered so it is a one-of-a-kind creation.

Make 2 ornaments, get 2 in return.
Sign up deadline is 11/8/08. Sign up by leaving a comment on this post or on the Two Crafty Mules Altered Swap Gallery.
Partners will be assigned the week of 11/9/08.
Ornaments must be mailed to your partners no later than 12/5/08.
Important: Please make sure I can contact you through your blog, FLICKRmail or email address. Please provide me with your name and address so I can give this information to your trading partners at the time partners are assigned.


Susan Hickam said...

Please sign me up for both swaps Wanda! I have never done inchies before-do I make 20 the same or 20 different ones?

Wanda Maria Designs said...

Hi, Susan:

It's really up to you, but I would suggest making several different ones, since everyone who participates will probably get at least 3-4 of what you make. That way, there's a little variety in what they receive.

Leslie said...

Hi Wanda,
Please sign me up for both swaps! I enjoyed the atc swap, these will be fun too!

Melissa said...

Hey Wanda! Sign me up for the ornament swap babe!

mary ann mck said...

hey wanda,

wanna post these in the fyb network? that would be fine by me...

thinking about the ornie swap...but have my plate full at the moment...will let you know for sure by sign-up deadline.

xo mary ann

Costa Rica or Bust said...

Hi Wanda,

This sounds like so much fun. I would like to do the Christmas swap. I have so much going on right now I am afraid to attempt both. Hope that's ok!


Geek Chic Dreams said...

Oh this is a fabulous idea! Can I get signed up for the Christmas ornament exchange?

NotYetTheDodo said...

Hello there - please count me in for the ornament swap! Thanks for organizing this!

stephiblu said...

hello wanda! thank you for a great first swap, the halloweeny atc swap. i would love to be in swap#2 the ornament swap.
i had my first christmas tree last year and have only a few ornaments. i ended up hanging random things from around the house on my tree, like hello kitty toys and silly stuff like that, so i could really use the help :)
i will get to work, i have some ideas already!
thanks you wanda!

stephiblu said...

someone hacked my blogger account so now it says "disser" instead of stephiblu, i have tried several times to change it.
so please do not take offense to the "disser" label!

stephiblu said...

woohoo! its fixed. okay so please sign me up for the ornament swap! thanks wanda.

natrat said...

I would LOVE to participate in some mail swaps! Sign me up for the ornaments!

NotYetTheDodo said...

Hello there - I'd like to join the christmas ornament-swap! Please let me know, when and where! :-)

Dorte, Denmark

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