Saturday, October 25, 2008

Inchies Tutorial - Miniature Works of Art

In the altered art world, inchies are all the rage these days. What's an inchie, you ask? It's a 1" by 1" canvas made of sturdy watercolor paper which is collaged, rubber-stamped, painted or embellished with tiny photos, trims, words and anything else one can think of. If you haven't tried to make these yet, you are in for a treat.


Cut a sheet of sturdy watercolor paper into the desired number of 1" squares.
Color the squares with paint or pencils, or use a tiny scrap of decorative paper as your background.
Select several small images and text (if desired) from clip art, magazines, books, etc. and cut them out.
Use a quality glue stick to adhere your images.
Highlight the edges of your inchies with embossing powder, ink,
or glitter. (I decorated the ones shown here with Stickles glitter
glue. One of my absolute favorite craft supplies.)
If desired, add tiny embellishments like mini flowers, trim, rhinestones, buttons and anything else you can think of.

Don't forget to sign the back of your inchie artwork.

Have fun!


Artchix is a fantastic source of pre-cut 1" watercolor paper squares, mini embellishments and images designed especially for use in making inchies. Would you believe, they even have mini frames to individually frame your inchie artwork?

I belong to a wonderful Inchies group on FLICKR. Please feel free to come check out the group for project ideas and inspiration.

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mary ann mck said...

hi wanda!

this would be fab to post in the fyb network "tutorials" group...would you consider? how cool of you to share!

xo mary ann

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