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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I work a "normal" 40 hour a week office job where I am in management. Some days, it gets downright hectic there and it totally wears me out. Today was one of those kind of days. I couldn't wait until quitting time so I could go home and "destress" in my craft studio.

It seems like I always have a million things going on craft-wise. Several half-completed projects grace my studio and I work on them as the time permits. Since a good part of my craft business consists of designing custom jewelry orders for people, those usually take precedence over other projects. Most of the time, anyway. (By the way, aren't these retro images a hoot? These are from a little piggy bank that sits in my craft studio. The perfect inspiration for a gal like me who hopes to quit her day job and work in the craft world for a living.)

Today, I decided to unwind by working on resin projects I started over the weekend. I LOVE working with resin. Not only is it fun to do, but the varieties of jewelry and projects you can make with it are endless. I have started working on Halloween and Christmas-themed jewelry this week in preparation for the upcoming holidays. Even though the holidays are still a couple of months down the road, once the holiday sales begin, it's amazing how fast things fly out of my EBay store. It never hurts to be prepared.

The photos show my little resin jewelry pieces in the process of being made. After they are removed from the molds, I sand them to remove the rough edges, wash them off to remove the dust particles, and then polish them. Once this is done, they are ready to be made into jewelry.

I'm pretty excited about this new batch. The holiday pieces turned out absolutely adorable. In addition, I made some unique one-of-a-kind bubble rings and a large crucifix pendant from molds I made using my own designs. I'm psyched!


ally said...

wow! You have been busy. They really look good. I know how you feel about your job. I work in an office too and it does get really tiring some days. But I just landed a new job in a college doing creative stuff which is great but will still be hectic. Love the blog, I shall be popping back frequently. Smiles :)

ByLightOfMoon said...

I never saw resin projects like this. I appreciate your showing the process. Have fun for the holidays!

smiles, cyndi

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Danni and I have my own jewelry line. I'm currently about to embark on making resin bangle bracelets but I don't know much about resin. I wanted to know if I needed to use sand paper to get those great shapes and wave styles that I see all the time??? I have a regular round resin bangle braclet mold and really need some help!!! Can you please send me some tips by emailing me @ atwistofcolor@yahoo.com


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